Why gardens that share in aged care? “The cost of feeding consumers in aged care facilities is too high” said every aged care provider ever, and consumers complain about the food.

Our simple yet, to some – revolutionary solution is to plant an edible garden and use the produce in your kitchen.

Consumers who enjoy gardening can tend to its maintenance (under staff supervision) whilst fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs provide vital sustenance to your consumers.

Gardening is very therapeutic and could become a pivotal part of your lifestyle programs. Gardening provides enjoyment, exercise, relaxation, fresh food and an overall appreciation of growing something. Promote good health and limit unnecessary illness and disease by providing your consumers with fresh food.

With a thought-out plan, you can create a beautiful space that everyone will enjoy all year round, will be highly productive and cut down on your food costs. Your ultimate goal is to be self-sufficient producing flowers, herbs, seeds, berries, fruits and vegetables.

Tip: Plant seasonally to make the most of your harvest, replant regularly and continually expand your efforts. Start small and work your way up to a
mass-producing garden.

Nutrition is so important throughout our lives and especially as older adults living in aged care. Older adults are at increased risk of malnutrition due to their changing nutrition needs as a result of loss of appetite, illness, their reduced independence and ability to cook or shop for themselves due to mobility or other related factors. Food and the nutritional value of food provided to consumers has a significant impact on their quality of life as well as their overall health and wellbeing; reducing illness, delaying onset and the longevity of illnesses.

Promoting good health through good nutrition with gardens that share in aged care is good sense and simply good business.

What are your thoughts?