Now that your up to speed with the new Aged Care Quality Standards, how do you keep informed on changes and updates (including guidance and resources) as they are updated by the Department of Health?

With aged care under a microscope and with the Aged Care Royal Commission currently underway, providers must ensure they can meet the demands of an environment of flux; able to facilitate change expediently organisation-wide.

The Department has provided an Update Log on their website for providers to stay informed and outlines edits to the Guidance and Resources for Providers to support the Aged Care Quality Standards. The Guidance material will be subject to yearly reviews to ensure it remains contemporary and reflects best practice.

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Set out in day/month/year, this is an easy to follow and helpful resource to help keep you informed of changes to the Aged Care Quality Standards with minor updates as required on occasion.

The Guidance material is not a legal document and does not form part of the Quality Standards. It will guide compliance with the Quality Standards but does not purport to provide comprehensive guidance in relation to best practice provision of aged care services.

The Royal Commission’s Final Report will be handed to the Governor-General on 12 November 2020. That report will set the framework for a complete overhaul of the aged care system — from system philosophy and design, to interactions with health and disability services, to workforce, funding and regulation. We recommend providers keep informed of the current guidance, resources and standards at all times.

Go to: Updates to Guidance and Resources for Providers to support the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Helpful resources can also be found in our Resource Library.

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