Ways to stay connected during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

In these unprecedented times, we must get inventive to stay connected to our loved ones. Whether you’re a residential aged care service, home care provider or a resident or family member, our human connections are important for our health and well-being. Here’s our brief guide to staying connected whilst in lockdown.

Use video conferencing software

Zoom is a simple video conferencing tool that almost anyone can use from anywhere.

You can setup Zoom on a desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Follow the instructions from the below link to set yourself up on your preferred device.

Note: You will need access to a microphone and speakers for sound. Both the person your connecting to and yourself need to have Zoom setup to video conference.

Zoom is a free tool anyone can use with the only restriction being that you can video conference for a maximum of 45 minutes at one time. Up to 100 participants can join your chat/meeting (including you – the host). Click HERE to get started

Residential aged care facilities could setup video conferencing stations for their residents and have a schedule for virtual visits.

Skype is also an easy video conferencing tool which is free to use. Like Zoom, this software can be used on all of your devices. Click HERE to get started.

Use Social media and chat

If your already using social media to stay connected, lean on it a bit more than usual. With so many people out of work and experiencing similar emotions, the likelihood is, your friends and family will be up for a chat too. Get onto Facebook or Instagram messenger and let the people you love know your right there with them in this crisis.

Use email communication to stay connected or pick up the phone and check in on your friends and family. Remember that as much as we are all social distancing and isolating, it’s important to pick up the phone and just talk.


FaceTime is another great way to stay visually connected. Most of us process information based on what we see so by FaceTiming one another, we can stay connected with one another.

As we saw with the bush fires earlier this year, Australians banded together to support one another. Let’s stay connected and support one another through these incredibly trying times.

What are your thoughts?