Living well in a COVID-10 pandemic is about going about your life in a COVIDsafe way. It is very trying times for residents, businesses and in particular the aged care community in greater Melbourne right now, with a second lockdown now in effect for the next 6 weeks. Victorians are a resilient bunch and as we have been here before, we know we can band together and support one another to get through this and protect our most vulnerable aged community.

Have a read of the Government tool, ‘Living well in the COVID-19 Pandemic’ to help you make COVIDSafe decisions about work, and transport in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay home where possible, stay safe and remember that no matter how bad things get, there is always someone willing to assist and lend a helping hand (even from a distance).


The entire world is feeling the effects of this pandemic right now. We give thanks that we are Australians and our collective strength will see us emerge stronger on the other side.

More COVID-19 resources for health professionals, including aged care providers, pathology providers and health care managers can be found here:

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