Today we begin our aged care ‘tips’ series to assist you with compliance, effectiveness of you practices and systems, and efficiencies.

Aged Care Tips

Keep it simple, and link rather than repeat information!

  1. Have the reason for prescribing psychotropic medication written on the medication chart with the order by the GP or geriatrician (whoever prescribed it) and then cross check the consumer’s diagnoses and have them updated as needed by GP or geriatrician.
    We discourage having medications on care plans as they are not at the point of use and change frequently. There can be a ‘refer to medication chart’ written on the appropriate care plan.
  2. Check that reasons for medication orders are included on RMMR, and/ or med chart as part of annual CMA and wherever else diagnoses are recorded; CMAs can be updated by GP if needed.
  3. If information needs to go on to 2 separate care plans, write it on 1 and reference that care plan on the other e.g. sleep and behaviour ‘refer to behaviour management care plan’ or ‘refer to sleep management care plan’.

    Review referenced care plan with the main care plan when it is reviewed and vice versa.

What are your thoughts?