We are thinking of greater Brisbane at this time – at least in lockdown you are with your family this Easter. Isolation and social distancing can make it hard for us to venture out of the house as we find ourselves skipping or avoiding social engagements.

“I still haven’t decided where to go for easter, debating between the bedroom or the living room.”

This Easter, celebrating even the simplest of social traditions (in whatever way you can) is more important than ever. Research shows that people who nurture daily celebratory and gratitude habits have more energy, less anxiety, and better physical health.

This Easter, look on the bright side:

  1. Thanks to lockdown and self-isolation, we get to spend quality time with our families this Easter.
  2. We need each other more than we thought and 2020 taught us to appreciate more.
  3. This Easter, get egg-cited as we are getting better at knowing which Zoom meetings could have been emails.
  4. We learnt in 2020 that we have a lot of food in our homes and freezers and some of the expiration dates surprised us!
  5. We are living in unprecedented times so be grateful for the small things in our lives; love, kindness, and togetherness.
  6. A true friend is someone who thinks you’re great even if you’re cracked.
  7. Easter is the only time it’s okay to put all of your eggs in one basket so, disconnect from your tech and really enjoy your time out with loved ones this Easter.

Wishing you all a very happy, safe and festive Easter break.

What are your thoughts?