It is vital that all residential aged care services establish processes to emphasise the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 for new residents during the admission process. Ideally new residents should have received all required doses of a COVID-19 vaccine prior to admission.

It is also critical that all residential aged care services maintain records of the vaccination status of all residents and are able to provide this information in the event of an outbreak.

To assist, the Department has developed a protocol, the New Resident COVID-19 Vaccination Protocol, for RACF providers to support new residents to receive their COVID-19 vaccination, if supported by medical advice.

New Resident Entrance Protocol

This protocol provides a flow chart for providers to assess each resident’s vaccination status and advice on how to commence their vaccination if not started. If they have received their first dose, it prompts providers to ensure residents receive their second dose within the required timeframe.

The New Resident Entrance Protocol also includes links to information about COVID-19 vaccination available on

The New Resident Entrance Protocol will be available on the Department’s website shortly.

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