Residential aged care services

Erigo has over 15 years experience working with residential aged care services

residential aged care services

Erigo M.A.C. is appointed to the Australian Government’s approved Aged Care Administrator and Adviser Panel. As a member of this highly vetted and continuously reviewed group, we provide advice and support to achieve compliance with the Accreditation Standards and aged care legislation.

With over 15 years’ experience working with residential aged care services, we have developed an exclusive suite of policies and procedures to guide operational functions and processes, covering all departments, the 44 Expected Outcomes and legislative requirements including the Aged Care Act, health and safety and human resources. Our audit tools and process support the implementation of these policies and procedures. These systems have been used in over 200 aged care services across Australia since 1998. We work with you every step of the way to ensure they are implemented with the highest level of understanding.

Our culture and belief in continuous improvement means you can rest assured you will receive ongoing support and professional advice from experts that know and understand the unique challenges of operating  residential aged care services. We can also assist with a thorough review of operational data, Accreditation compliance status, ACFI status and process efficiency for your residential service to identify and mitigate operational and financial risks.

At Erigo, we will keep you informed of relevant legislative and regulatory changes so you will always have the most up to date information. The result is the highest standard of care for your residents, a productive and safe working environment for your staff and a strong business.

Our Residential aged care products include:

  1. Management Systems Manual (including Finance, Human Resource Management, Health and Safety, Maintenance and Infection Control)
  2. Residential Aged Care Position Descriptions
  3. Health, Personal Care & Resident Lifestyle Manual
  4. Fire and Emergencies Manual
  5. Hotel Services (cleaning, laundry, Food services (not food safety plan))
  6. Audit tools for the 44 Accreditation expected outcomes.

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