Allied Health Consulting

Maintaining health and wellbeing as people get older is important and can dramatically impact on a person’s ability to remain independent and to experience a full life. With a health care and aged care focus, we partner with allied health professional organisations to tackle the difficult issues and serious challenges facing your practice.

As people get older, they become more likely to experience ill-health, including much higher rates of chronic disease and injuries resulting from falls. As such older people are likely to benefit from preventative health services such as specialised exercise programs, falls prevention programs and guidance about how to maintain good nutrition.

Erigo offers allied health consulting services to support your operations by:

  • Identifying challenges
  • Remedying issues and implementing improvements
  • Monitoring implemented strategies and;
  • Developing required outcomes for success.

We offer:

  • Solutions you want, need and expect
  • Outcomes supporting business viability and quality care and services for your consumers
  • A team with strong and diverse skills and knowledge.

Our experience with allied health practices and professionals means we provide realistic process review and implementation that improves efficiency and effectiveness. In terms of aged care consulting services, timely and communication processes are one of the keys to success.

Our qualified Trainers, Assessors and Registered Nurses can work off-site or at your practice to provide CPR and First Aid training that is required for registration, as well as ACFI training to help you support your clients.

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