General Medical Practices and Practitioner (GP) Consulting

We provide consultancy to general medical practices and practitioner (GP) consulting services. We offer training for staff and assist you in claiming more from Medicare for the services you provide your clients and thus improving patient care. By reviewing voluntary accreditation requirements and your status, we help you to easily manage the process and meet your industry requirements.

Our experienced team of Registered Nurses, Aged Care Assessors, Project Managers, Auditors, Business and Human Resources professionals work with GP’s to provide workflow recommendations between your practice and aged care services to make the interaction smoother for staff and more effective for aged care consumers.

Erigo provides a comprehensive service providing objective advice and expertise across all areas of operations.

Expert General Practitioner Consulting

We also know how important it is for staff to feel confident when dealing with patients, and we are experts in providing training for specific medical conditions like diabetes and chronic disease management, as well as customer service, occupational health and safety and human resources. Our training will leave practitioners feeling well-equipped to deal with the unique challenges of running a general practice.

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