An infection control package to support minimising infection transmission risks and antimicrobial stewardship

Erigo has developed an Infection Control Package to assist residential aged care approved providers to meet the infection control requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards and Government directives.

With providers now required to report the details of nominated infection prevention and control (IPC) leads for each service by 4 December 2020, implement antimicrobial stewardship and practice infection prevention, the package includes:

  1. Infection control procedure
  2. IPC Lead Position Description
  3. Infection control resources and links
  4. Forms to assist with your governance and management.

Infection prevention and control is an essential part of care and services and the responsibility of all your staff, volunteers and contractors. Aged care has not had the same focus as heath care services, as its has been seen as a social-care service vs a medical care service. This is rapidly changing, and really has already changed.

COVID-19, has increased the focus on this essential element of practice, with learnings that can be used across your service. Some of these learnings are training, while some have guiding documents such as policies, procedures, work instructions (flowcharts) and forms, reports and data analysis, continuous improvement and reference processes and systems such as gastroenteritis outbreak guidelines.

Do you use outbreak, pandemic and epidemic plans to guide what you do and record what you do, or do you have many separate documents for this? In difficult times information must be easily at hand and readily updated and disseminated. Plans for specific situations work well as you can update, show actions and evaluate. So in the current environment, your COVID-19 plan is your bible.

Do you understand your obligations under the Aged Care Quality Standards and Government directives? Did you know the commission will be conducting infection control spot-checks?

Erigo’s infection control package for residential aged care services will support you in meeting your obligations under the Aged Care Quality Standards and Government directives. Most importantly it will guide you in keeping your service a safe place.

If you need consulting assistance with implementing revised infection control practices, incorporating infection control into risk management plans, review of your COVID-19 plan or gastroenteritis plan, basic staff infection control training or anything else that keeps you up at night, contact us.

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