Karen Ross - Director and CEO
[Karen Ross presenting]

Our Director and CEO, Karen Ross has over 30 years’ experience as a registered nurse (RN), and 20 years’ experience as a health and aged care consultant. Karen is a powerhouse of industry experience and knowledge, having been a Commonwealth approved Advisor (Nurse Advisor, Administrator and Advisor) for 10 services and supporting other Advisors for 5 services.

Her incredible team of specialist consultants are passionate about providing the best possible experience for Erigo’s clients and in serving the community as a whole – in short, we love what we do.

Karen is an expert in the Aged Care Quality Standards and aged care regulatory requirements, and in assisting aged care organisations with analysing and implementing governance and quality systems and practices to meet and exceed the Quality Standards and legislative requirements. She has been an employee in, or Consultant to, the public, private, not-for profit, indigenous, religious and ethno-specific health and aged care industries. She is a qualified trainer and has presented at various events/organisations.

Her responsibilities have ranged from clinical nursing and management, auditing, general manager, operational consultant and management system developer and trainer. Karen is responsible for all aspects of her business, and, for her clients, implementing and monitoring operational management systems, training and evaluation. Karen provides expert strategic and operational advice as well as having extensive experience in risk management and strategy.

Passionate about improving the quality of care and services for her elderly and healthcare clients, Karen’s single-minded dedication and passion for the work she does, has forged her career to date and shaped her exponential success. Her visionary approach to providing quality care and uncompromising dedication to improving the quality of care services for the elderly and healthcare clients, has positioned the Erigo Group at the top of their field.

Guest Speaker

Karen has presented at numerous industry events, workshops and training sessions over her career and is an exceptional guest speaker. Known throughout the aged care sector for her skills and knowledge in supporting aged care organisations, she brings a unique perspective to your event.

Enquire about customising training for your organisation or book Karen Ross, Expert Industry Speaker for your next event. An exceptional Guest Speaker and Trainer, Karen brings her passion, flair and expertise to your next event.


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