Practical and relevant advice and support with maintaining and developing your business

Supporting business prosperity, we work with your organisation to develop and maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations to meet the needs and expectations of your consumers and regulators. Developed out of a need for streamlined processes, Erigo prides itself on delivering practical and relevant aged care consulting and support services to best provide quality care to your consumers.

As a trusted and professional consultancy, Erigo are the experts in the Aged Care Quality Standards. We assist aged care organisations with systems and practices to meet and exceed Quality Standards, regulatory compliance and provide framework policies and procedures to guide operations.

With an incredible team of specialist consultants, we are passionate about providing the best possible experience for Erigo’s clients and in serving the community as a whole – in short, we love what we do.

Consulting and Support

Erigo assesses your business operations and assists with strategic planning, design and implementation of systems for standards compliance.

As experts in our field, we provide advice, support and ongoing assistance with maintaining and developing your business. Our services include assisting with audits, system development, implementation and monitoring and we provide training to facilitate trusted, safe and mindful care and services. Offering an all-round service, Erigo is best placed to support your organisation in improving the quality of service delivery for your consumers.

Contact us about your support needs

Get in touch with us to enquire about our aged care consulting and support services. We customise consulting services to meet the needs of your organisation; supporting your workforce and your residents.