auditing aged care

Erigo auditing team provides an objective examination of your organisations operations and reviews policies and procedures, reporting back our findings.

A review audit is an onsite assessment of the quality of care and services provided to aged care consumers by an accredited service. It measures performance of an approved provider against all requirements of the Quality standards. Review audits are conducted by the Australian Government, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission by an Assessment Team of at least two quality assessors.

Review audits may be arranged with notice to the approved provider of the service (announced) or without notice (unannounced).

The Aged Care Quality Standards clearly define what good care should look like and make it easier to check that consumer receive good care. Providers should be prepared at all times for an audit and maintain organisational compliance across all Quality Standards and relevant legislation, at all times.

If you receive notice of an audit, you can begin planning your internal audit activities. Erigo provides internal pre-accreditation quality auditing services for aged care organisations.

Erigo have assisted over 250 health and aged care providers to establish systems, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance at audit, develop their team, improve their effectiveness and viability, as well as grow their business. Our client base is Australia-wide, metropolitan, and rural and includes public, private, government, not-for-profit, indigenous and ethno-specific organisations.

Do you have an upcoming audit?

Enquire about booking your pre-accreditation audit. Please note: audits must be booked with sufficient lead time so please make contact as soon as you have your audit date.