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What does your organisation need to improve the quality of care delivered to your consumers?

Erigo are expert consultants who provide tailored training services to aged care and home care providers to best support their operations. We can design and deliver 100% customised training programs delivered on-site within your facility that can be tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes. If your organisation has fallen short in a particular area, you can request training and Erigo will design and deliver training to correct the shortfall and improve the quality of care for your consumers.

Our aim is to empower, educate and inform your personnel so they feel adequately skilled, knowledgeable, accomplished and competent to best perform in their role and subsequently achieving your operational goals. Delivering relevant content tailored to your organisational needs, gives your workforce practical skills they can use within your facility.

Get in touch to request training today and better support your staff in developing a skilled and competent workforce, ready to meet these challenges head on.

Request Training on the new Standards

Need help with the new Aged Care Quality Standards? Our specialist team of consultants can assist you in navigating the challenges and obstacles of your industry in relation to the new standards and how they impact your operations. Training is essential, now more than ever, as we work towards the highest quality of care possible for our consumers.

Erigo is also a WorkSafe Approved Training provider approved to deliver HSR training.

Tailored Training Solutions

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