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Erigo’s suite of Home Care Policies and Procedures were developed specifically to assist home care providers to enhance their operations and maintain compliance across legislation, standards and industry regulations. Developed out of a need for streamlined processes, Erigo prides itself on delivering a practical and relevant home care solution.

Extensive Experience in Home Care

Erigo’s extensive experience in home care, understanding standards, process mapping and systems implementation has allowed us to develop a comprehensive suite of policies and procedures that you can customise for your home care business.
Once purchased, you can customise the suite by adding your organisations logo/style and version control or you can get in touch with us for further assistance.

As experts in our field, we assist with audits against the Home Care Standards to ensure consumers are safe and looked after in their homes when engaging with your personnel.

You can trust Erigo to support your organisation and become the back bone of your operations as, leading aged care and home care consultants that are well known within the industry.

Policies and Procedures designed for Home Care providers

These are our home care products:

  1. Home Care Manual
  2. Home Care Manual updates
  3. Annual Product updates*

What does your organisation need?

Get in touch with us and we will send you out samples from the suite.